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शुक्रवार, 20 अगस्त 2010

ब्लॉग अड्डा से कुछ नयी खबरें और पुरस्कार

'Frames of Freedom' Photo Contest

Every day our eyes witness many moments of freedom, joy and happiness. Don’t you wish that time should freeze at the very moment? Wouldn’t you love to capture it and share with the world?

In what form do you experience ‘Freedom’ everyday? The day of graduation when we all jump in joy – A bird being let out from the cage – A dog looking at another dog who is being walked by his master or A small boy who gets to eat his favourite chocolate. What do you think is common in all these? Freedom. Freedom of thoughts. Freedom of movement. Freedom of choosing. There maybe many more moments which you would see everyday. Capture it as a photo and share it with us. We are here with our ‘Frames of Freedom‘ contest where you can share with us any of your photos which captures the essence of freedom.

Show us your 'Frame of Freedom' photos!

Blogging Tips for Beginners

A lot of people are thinking to start a blog or have just started. This article will help them to get started well. Read it and if you are blogging for some time, feel free to add your thoughts to ‘Blogging Tips For Beginners‘.

Read the Blogging Tips Now!

The new age #National Identities

When we were young, we used to take part in quizzes on the occasion of Independence day. Questions like ‘What is our National Anthem, National sport, National Animal’ and so on. We had ready answers to it. Those were the school days, do you remember it now? Now the times have changed . Do you know what is our National Illness or who is our National Bahu?

Read on and find out about the New Age National Identities

Perky Tweets winners for this week!

This week, the winners of the #perkytweets have been chosen by @twilightfairy

@bombaylives: All books in this world, Bible, Quran, Gita, teach us to love each other. But only Kamasutra Explains Exactly how.
@viveksingh: Today is Nag Panchami… Mayawati and Kalmadi must be getting thousands of liters of milk from their fans.
@JWalia: After thousand of years, ‘Shree Ram’ becomes an Indian Idol once again.

Enjoy reading the complete list of this week's #perkytweets. If you are on Twitter, follow us @blogadda and say Hi, for us to follow you. Make your tweets Perky and mark them with #perkytweets to win personalised t-shirts (see pic), in association with @infibeam.

Smile and Laugh with this week's edition of Perky Tweets. Read them Now! Participate to Win!

Blog World Expo 2010!

We are pleased to announce that we are the ONLY official Media Partners from India for the second year in a row! Blog World Expo 2010 is the LARGEST NEW MEDIA gathering at a single place and we are proud to be associated with them. Do visit our blog for more announcements and exciting discounts for our readers.

Tech Bloggers, Win Netbooks!

What is your favorite consumer app for netbooks, #computers or mobile? Write your India App Story & WIN prizes. Intel® Atom™ Developer Program presents a contest for all TechBloggers! WIN Netbooks & free passes to select Intel events

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कुमार राधारमण ने कहा…

All the photograpghers say,even their best rated photographs are not upto their satisfaction.Still,we all have some special moments and particularly at later stage,we cherish them.Perhaps,this is the spirit that lets us strive for even better.I hope,blogadda gets some really great photographs this time.

बेनामी ने कहा…

nice blog...
pls visit mine blog ..

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